This is the space on my site set aside to tell you a little about myself. So here goes… I was born at a very early age and have spent the majority of the rest of my life trying to find myself and work out what it’s all about. Like most of us, I’m still on that journey.

After studying photography at college, I joined the Metropolitan Police with plans to become a SOCO, whilst I built my photography career on the side (the SOCO part didn't come to fruition). Soon after I started shooting sport for a number of Agencies, National Newspapers and a few corporate clients. But the lure of a steady income pulled me into the artificially lit world of an office job, however my camera never strayed far from my hand. Disillusoned after many years in the suit & tie life, I cast aside the security it brought (yeah I’m crazy I know) and threw myself back into the uncertain world of Photography. Doing what I love. I still shoot sports when I get the chance, but my main work is in the field of Commercial photography.

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Thanks to Joe Walters for the image